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Hello everyone, and thank you for choosing to visit the Blood Lord's website. We are an expanding guild, aiming to do whatever it is that we can to help each other out. As the guild has expanded, we have gained a wide range of members with an even wider range of interests, and as a result of this the guild and its focus has needed to change.

The Blood Lords started out as a bunch of people completely dedicated to PvP, and as such wanted to own the duel pits. However as the guild expanded, interests expanded, and we would now like to shift our focus on helping one another out. This goes anywhere from answering member's questions about game play to passing along that +3 mitheral full plate that you've grown out of to filling the last slot in a party for a member that needs help getting a quest done. Not to say that we've abandoned PvP, quite the opposite. We have uprising PvP teams, and if you are interested you should contact a member of the Blood Council.

We have the Stormglory Bolt, the level 25 airship. The next airship we are aiming towards is the level 50 airship, so if you want it, get out there and quest. We need your support to help us reach our goal.

In the very near future, a guild chest will be making an appearance on the airship. However, due to a raid on our previous chest, we are chosing to add the limited access chest, one that can only be gotten into by officers. The contents of the chest will be viewable by all, though, and if you would like to trade an item in the chest with an item you already have, please speak to one of our officers.

All members should take the time to familiarize themselves with the guild rules and even if you have already, there have been some updates made to the rules, so it wouldn't hurt to check them out again.

It's going to take a lot of work to get us to be where we want to be, but I'm willing to go the extra mile if you are too. So welcome to the site again and have fun people.

Guild News

Arcane hands

arcanehands, Sep 29, 10 2:55 PM.
Hello guild members im sorry i have not been on if u need to get a hold of me just tell my brother beast and he well let me know. as soon as i get a new computer and the internet back i well be on more



B3ast, Sep 17, 10 12:49 AM.
     A whole new way for us to duel. That's what these PVP Teams are going to be about. Blood Lords is no longer making PVP mandatory. Instead we are going to form 6 Elite PVP Teams wich then will compete with one another to see wich Team is the dominent Team in the world of PVP. Kind of like starting a season for the Teams.
     There will be championship titles that can be won from idividual duels or even large Team battles.
The titles are as followed: Veteran Champion (LVL 15+), Battle-Hardened Champion (LVL 10 - 14), Seasoned Champion (LVL 5 - 9), Rookie Champion (LVL 1 - 4), Tag-Team (TT) Veteran Champions,TT Battle- Hardened Champions,TT Seasoned Champions, TT Rookie Champions, Dominent Team Championship.
     Also there will be several upcoming tournaments. Those are as followed: "SMASH THE PUMPKIN!!!" PVP Tournament during the last week of October; "TURKEY HOLIDAY BASH!!!" PVP Tournament the weekend after Thanksgiving; "WHERE THE FUDGE IS SANTA!!!" PVP Tournament the second week in December; "NEW YEARS BLOW-OUT!!!" PVP Tournament New Years Day. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of these Tournaments
     We in the Blood Council don't want to abondon our guild roots. We started this guild because we loved to PVP. We were a group of people who thrived on the thrill of owning in the PVP pits. To us, that's what made the game fun. And those "oh so sweet braagging rights" when we had bested each other.
     We are hoping we can make a return to our roots with these PVP teams. If you love PVP the same way as we do in the Blood Council and are intrested in joining one of these teams speak to or mail a letter of interest to one of us in the Blood Council. The Council members are as followed. B3AST-Leader, Arcanehands-Successor, Razerhole-Officer, Tiberthia-Officer, Myuid-Officer, Miccah-Officer. All our welcomed to join.

Alt. Characters

WolfGirl645, Aug 26, 10 8:47 PM.
Hey everyone, this is Mekia. Some of you guys may know me as Beast's wife. He has given me access to the website, so I have been trying to keep it up-to-date as possible (I still have some stuff to do with updating the bank, but I can only do so much so fast). But anyhow... this message is to let you guys know that if you need one of us and neither one of us is on, you might be able to find us on other toons we are building too. Beast's alt toons are Darforge and Alluura (I think it's funny that he created I female toon) and the other alt I use is Madrianna.

Happy Gaming...
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